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Training Video: Sending a Quick Message

Learn how to quickly send a text message to your contacts in the iZigg Mobile dashboard.

To send a Quick Message from your iZigg Mobile Account:

  • Sign into your iZigg Mobile account
  • Hover over the Lighting Bolt in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click on the “Quick Message” option!
  • Enter a Description (Not visible to contacts)
  • Select “Send a Message Now” or “Schedule for a Later Time”
  • Choose to send to a Distribution List, Dynamic Target, or Data Set
  • Customize your header and message contents
  • Confirm “Agreement to Terms”
  • Click “Send”

iZigg Training: Contact Source Reports

Learn where your contacts are coming from! The Contact Source Report helps you determine which contacts originated from keywords or online sign up pages, along with the number of opt-ins for each source.

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