iZigg Training: Send a Message With a Preview


Training Video: Send a Message With a Preview

Learn how to navigate the many message options available, and preview your message before sending or scheduling your campaign.

To send a message from your iZigg Mobile Account:

  • Sign into your iZigg Mobile account
  • Click on the “Message” tab in the upper tool bar, then “Send Message”
  • Enter a Description (Not visible to contacts)
  • Select the “Text Message” option to send a text to contacts
  • Send to an Individual, Distribution List, New Subscribers, or Series
  • Optional: Select a template to streamline message composition
  • Choose whether to Send Now or Send Later (Scheduled Time, Date)
  • Click “Compose Message” button
  • Customize your header and message contents
  • Click “Select Recipients” button
  • Select which contacts will receive the message, and filter if applicable
  • Click “Preview & Send” button
  • Review message contents, contacts list, schedule, and preview
  • Confirm “Agreement to Terms”
  • Click “Send”

Knowing When to Use SMS vs MMS​

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