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iZigg Webinar: Automated Campaigns

Learn how to introduce automation into your messaging campaigns! Create detailed workflows based on data or actions from subscribers. From simple drip campaigns to branching messaging paths, sending relevant messaging to your audience has never been easier.

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iZigg Training: Report Manager

Create campaign reports by linking various features to each report created. Easily track fixed (short-term) campaigns and promotions via keywords, QR Codes, messages sent, mobile voting and more. Combine multiple features into one report to monitor for the duration of the campaign. Or create ongoing reports to track keyword campaigns and gain historical data to improve marketing efforts.

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iZigg Training: Message & Keyword Reports

Learn how to view a report for each message sent, including click reports on URLs using the iZigg URL shortener. See total successful deliveries, failed messages, and detailed reporting on URLs click-through percentages, averages, and last clicked.

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iZigg Training: Remove Failed Contacts​

When a message is sent, mobile carriers provide a response code to indicate that it was either delivered to the device or failed. The iZigg platform allows users to remove failed contacts to both reduce the number of credits you utilize for each send and increase the accuracy of your lists.

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