Simple Tips To Create Effective Voice Broadcasts

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Seal the Deal with Voice Broadcast Messages

Use the power of the human voice to personalize your marketing and connect with your contacts. You can use nuance and tone to increase trust, put your customers at ease, and build confidence in your brand. Great relationships are built on human connections. Voice broadcast messaging gives you an unbeatable advantage, putting you one step closer to securing a new customer or lead.

How to Create Slam Dunk Voice Messaging

Step #1: Start with stellar content. More than a quick SMS message, listening to a voice broadcast feels like a time investment to your contacts. So you want a message that offers the moon and follows through with the stars. Keep things streamlined and avoid overfilling your message with multiple points – “Keep it Simple.” Finally, write down your script before recording your message. Then practice, revise, and practice again before you hit ‘record.’


Step #2: When recording your message, make it personal by adopting a tone that is appropriate for the message. Pretend you are speaking directly to an individual listener when recording your message, not dead air, so that your vocal tone sounds personal. Avoid long pauses which might confuse listeners into thinking the recording is over. And keep your broadcast to between 30 seconds and one minute.


Step #3: Offer alternative methods of reaching you. Not all listeners will want to call back on the number used for your broadcast. Include alternate ways to follow up, including your social media, website, or an email address. Give listeners a point of contact as quickly and clearly as possible. For example: “Reach us on Facebook at (business name), on Twitter @(businessname), or”


Step #4: Keep it legal. Follow FCC rules for opting out of future broadcasts. This also helps to tailor your marketing message. Customers aren’t interested? Let them remove themselves easily by giving them an unsubscribe option. This can give you a chance to revamp your delivery or message before sending out additional voice broadcast messages to customers.


Step #5: Think outside the box. In addition to lead generation, voice broadcast service is impressively effective for reminders, notifications and alerts. Unveiling a new service next week? Send out a voice broadcast message as a friendly reminder. Want to boost customer satisfaction? Use your broadcast  to ask customers to contact you with tips on how to improve your service. Just remember, one point per message.


Step #6: Language! If you are broadcasting to a customer base with a college graduate level education, use appropriate language. Focusing on Spanish speaking households? Use bilingual or Spanish language voice broadcasts. Think of your customers and gear your language toward their needs and preferences.

The Human Advantage

Committing to voice broadcast as part of your marketing and communications strategy gives your brand a human “persona” in the minds of your customers. iZIgg Voice Broadcast is more than just another way to hit customers with the same messaging content. It is a unique tool for connecting with customers, corporate employees, and investors through the powerful sound of your voice. Just make sure you are using the right voice for your audience!


SMS Text Messaging and Client Drop Off Rates

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Tips to Avoid SPAM in Text Marketing

Want to streamline your messages and mobile marketing? Quality is truly better than quantity! No one wants to be bombarded with lengthy, frequent SPAM messages. Customers appreciate helpful, succinct texts that get the message across without interrupting their day. Follow these guidelines when writing your next mobile marketing message to increase customer engagement.

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