How Industries Can Use Email Marketing


Retail Email Marketing

Retailers love providing customers with excellent customer service and great deals, but with the popularity of online shopping, getting customers into the actual store can be a challenge. That’s where email marketing comes in. Consumers increasingly want an in-store experience that feels unique and exclusive. Plan to promote unique products, gift giveaways, and live events exclusive to your retail locations. Then use email marketing to introduce online customers to the advantages of shopping at your brick-and-mortar stores.

Restaurant Email Marketing

Despite pandemic capacity limits, Americans still enjoy in-person restaurant dining. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, a sporting event, or a special anniversary, there is always an opportunity to share a promotion via email and bring in more diners. With email marketing, restaurants can share details of upcoming special events or live performances in their locations. Including coupons or drink specials can entice customers through the doors. And customized filters and automation help track birthdays and anniversaries for targeted emails, resulting in better conversion.

Email Marketing for Universities

Communicating effectively with your students is crucial for any school, but often students receive so many messages that they fall victim to message fatigue. When you personalize and target your student communications, you can send more timely and relevant messages. Need to send a reminder to all of your incoming freshman to sign up for classes? Segment and message your desired audience, making sure to avoid sending irrelevant messages to the rest of your student body.

Sales Email Marketing

Don’t let a hot lead run cold. iZigg’s email marketing platform lets you automatically follow-up with new leads and ask them questions in order to better qualify them. Our system can run a drip campaign to continue to nurture your leads through both text and email with follow-up information. Constant, relevant communications keep your contacts “warm” and interested in your business.

Political Email Marketing Campaigns

No matter where you are in America, it always feels like election season. Whether it’s for a small office in a municipality or a nationwide campaign, organizers continue to trust email messages to stay in contact with constituents and contributors. It is still one of the most effective ways to garner support and organize your base for action. Emails are easily shared and provide ample space to educate supporters on relevant issues or initiatives, which can help get your candidate or cause into the spotlight. And with iZigg, text messages, email marketing, and voice broadcasts can be coordinated across large lists of contacts for maximum impact.

Email Marketing for Churches

An email marketing and messaging platform can help sustain consistent attendance, expand membership, and even facilitate fundraisers. Members can get a sneak preview of upcoming services by subscribing to your weekly email newsletter. Or boost turnout for scripture studies and special events like fundraisers by scheduling reminders via email.

Real Estate Email Marketing

For real estate agents, an empty open house is a waste of time and money. Traditional methods for reaching potential buyers – like phone calls – can be ineffective and time consuming. Even the most motivated buyers may not be able to pick up their phone during business hours. Email marketing is a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. When you choose a platform like iZigg, you can send text, social media, mobile portfolios, and voice messages to your contacts, expanding your reach and keeping your property pipeline moving.

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