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Non-Profit Communication During a Pandemic

iZigg Mobile’s innovative messaging and contact solutions help non-profit organizations. Keep volunteers, vendors, and partner organizations updated on available opportunities and operations needs. SMS and MMS messaging can help orgs meet their mission goals with donation drives and volunteer coordination.

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Use Cases for Restaurants During a Pandemic

iZigg is helping restaurants and caterers weather the pandemic with messaging solutions that keep customers and contacts in the loop. iZigg’s messaging solutions help connect delivery drivers with customers, and help restaurants take orders in coordination with their existing order system.

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Customer & Employee Communication During COVID-19

Texting helps you coordinate pandemic operations and instantly communicate with staff and vendors. Notify contacts about shift assignments or job priorities. There’s no better way to fill in a missed shift than texting all of your employees to fill a last minute cancellation.

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Texting During the Pandemic for Retailers

Declining retail sales have retailers rethinking their marketing and customer outreach strategies. Text messaging is the most effective way to reach new customers, and has become the preferred contact method for many consumers. SMS and MMS messages are easy cost-effective, and nearly instant.

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