8 Important Text Marketing Statistics

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Why It Matters

Imagine for a moment – or remember, if you’re old enough – a world without cell phones. Picture yourself trying to contact someone, navigating your way to a local coffee shop, or even making a purchase. You could find a way, but it would take longer, feel frustrating, and be inconvenient. Whether we like it or not, over the last quarter-century, Americans have become increasingly accustomed to the convenience of cell phones, and now smart phones. As consumers have become more dependent on their devices, so have businesses. SMS marketing has become one of the fastest, most effective ways of interacting with customers. Here are the statistics to back that up.

TExting Statistics

The average American checks their phone 47 times a day (Tech Jury)


That’s a lot! While other ways of communicating, like email, may get buried under SPAM or ignored, consumers are always engaging with their phones. Text messaging is ingrained in their lifestyles. This means that anytime someone checks their phone, a company utilizing SMS marketing has an opportunity to increase revenue and customer engagement.


Text Messages have a  98 percent read rate, and texts are typically read within 15 minutes of being received (Business Insider)


You need a simplified and easy process to galvanize subscribers into action. On the other hand, according to Mailchimp, one of the industry leaders in email marketing, “the average email open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33%” (Mailchimp). That is roughly a 80% reported difference in the average open rate across these two mediums. Why such a big difference? Emails often require a login and multiple clicks for access, even on cell phones. Whereas text messages require only a single click to open. Companies who use text marketing can be confident that their content won’t get ignored, and will be more likely to create engagement. 


SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook (Tech Jury)


According to Tech Jury, it takes the average person 90 seconds to reply to an SMS message, but 90 minutes to respond to an email. That is a difference of about an hour. At the end of the day, companies care about response time – even if people are reading and aware of their content. The difference therefore is staggering – it is a matter between getting “feet in the door” and closing with fewer sales on any given day.


Only 10% of all SMS marketing messages are SPAM, compared to nearly 50% of emails (Tech Jury)


SPAM is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things about any communication platform. Flooding email messages to potential customers can result in cluttered inboxes. lower engagement, and lost revenue. Customers know that there is less chance an SMS message will be SPAM versus email. This means customers will be more inclined to trust a company that communicates via SMS. Trust is everything in the business world. 


While not everyone has a smartphone with internet access, 5 billion people in the world can send and receive SMS messages (Tech Jury) and 23 BILLION text messages are sent each day worldwide. In 2019, there were 7.9 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide (Tech Jury). 


SMS marketing helps brands tap into a global market, resulting in a larger audience. This is all possible through iZigg, utilizing powerful global features such as online signup pages (OSP) and multimedia messaging. We make global SMS marketing across multiple time zones easy. Simply create your international data fields and publish your keyword (where applicable) or signup page. Then let iZigg Mobile do the rest via automated responses and pre-programmed campaigns! 


Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons (Tech Jury)


50% of consumers make direct purchases after they’re sent an SMS branded text, a discount coupon, or a QR code (Tech Jury). This is good news for people who utilize iZigg’s powerful Omni-Channel feature. Omni-Channel marketing allows campaigns to incorporate multimedia images that include engaging content such as coupons, QR codes, and graphics. Utilizing different media increases the chance of making a sale. 


Nearly 8 out of 10 people seek an SMS opt-in or some other kind of mobile device service to help them with shopping (Adodo)


With online shopping and e-commerce growing, many people find themselves needing help with shopping. One benefit of using iZigg is the ability to integrate our SMS marketing system with other existing software. iZigg offers integration with other software such as Google sheets, Salesforce, and more! Allow your customers to seamlessly track orders, receive subscription updates, and refill or reorder supplies right from a text message.


9 in every 10 consumers who enroll in an SMS loyalty program benefit from their participation (Txtra)


Ultimately, the goal of any marketing campaign should be to increase customer interaction and loyalty. iZigg SMS marketing lets companies send out polls and surveys to capture consumer data. Brands can then leverage this data to create “smart target” focus groups, ensuring only relevant and filtered messages are being sent. This ultimately can help the company improve the quality of their messaging while improving customer satisfaction – as well as your brand’s reputation. 

The Omni-Channel Advantage

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