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iZigg Mobile offers omni-channel SMS, MMS, Voice, and email marketing for entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses. Get started today and start your free trial to launch, then select our most popular $99 Connect Plan.

  • Our Most Popular $99.95 messaging plan
  • 3000 Message Credits/month and 3 keywords
  • Free training & all premium features

Why iZigg?

Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Create engaging MMS messages to boost ROI. MMS allows more characters than SMS, including images, character-based text, videos, and GIFs.

Campaign Automation

Use automated responses, templates, and workflows to create campaigns that keep contacts engaged. No coding experience necessary!

Dynamic List Targeting

Segment your subscriber list based on dynamic data, letting you send exactly the right text message to exactly the right mobile contacts.

User Permissions

Control data sets and messaging campaigns for users, departments, multiple locations and franchises for better reporting and data control.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add a layer of security to your app or software with two-factor authentication. Send users a secure text message with an auto-generated codes at sign-in.

Merge Tags

Personalize your texts with mail merge tags to include subscribers' names or other individual details in mass messaging campaigns.

Why Now?

Over 75% of consumers report they want to hear from the brands they love via text. You can use text messaging to improve customer retention and open new lines of communication.

  • Get Instant Feedback
  • Improve Brand Recognition
  • Promote Live Events & Specials
  • Streamline Customer Service
ScheduleĀ a meeting with Jeff to discuss your strategy and how iZigg can help you communicate better, drive sales and boost customer engagement. Jeff has 10 years of experience working in the mobile marketing & communication industry in most industries from small one location pizza shops to multi-location franchises and fortune 100s.
Jeff Turk
VP of Sales & Marketing

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"Total Control"

"I started using iZigg in 2011. It has been by far the best advertising venue I have ever used to promote my business. I have total control of the content as well as the recipients through the different groups I have created." - Joe Viega