Is Email Marketing Worth It?


Why Choose Email Marketing?

It can seem counterintuitive to marketers to spend time and money on email marketing – especially when they rarely open sales emails themselves. But surprisingly, email marketing still gets results. Statistics show that email isn’t just effective, but that its relatively low cost confers massive ROI.


Let’s look at those numbers. In 2017, more than 74 trillion emails were sent around the world. Radicati Group estimated that by 2018, that number had increased over 33% – with an estimated 3.8 billion global users send and receive just over 281 billion emails a day. By 2022, that number is expected to hit nearly one third of a trillion emails per day!


So why does this matter? Over 85% of US adults use their email daily. A well-crafted, personalized, and targeted marketing email can have an enormous potential readership. Since emails are so effective and require such a small investment, their ROI cannot be denied. In this article, we will review the top five reasons you should use email marketing to build your brand.

Email is Dominant Among Businesses

Over 95% of business professionals use email, making it the most widely-used and effective channel for business-to-business marketing. But DMA Insight says that 53% of email users also complain about receiving too many spam marketing emails. If you are using email marketing and want your messages to stay out of a spam folder, you need a way to personalize your offers so consumers don’t block your messages. iZigg’s mail merge tools and smart list filters help you target your messages to the right contacts, personally and professionally, every time.

Email Beats "Snail Mail" Every Time

“Snail Mail” and direct mail marketing through flyers, mailers, and coupon packs is both expensive and ineffective. Email marketing has significantly higher ROI – with some estimates as high as $38 made for every $1 spent! One thing that sets iZigg apart is our all-in-one, cross-platform approach. With iZigg, you can integrate your mobile text, voice, and social channels into your email marketing campaigns. You can do more without having to invest in ineffective direct mail marketing.

Content is King

Marketers should also pay attention to the relevance of their emails. DMA Insight reports that 38% of marketers believe they “sometimes” send irrelevant messages. And only 9% of marketers believe that all of the emails they send are relevant. Meanwhile, consumers are aggressively reporting spam to their providers, and automated filters are getting increasingly sophisticated. Email marketers need to ensure their emails are both targeted and relevant.


iZigg Mobile’s advanced features help you successfully develop and deliver targeted email marketing campaigns. In addition to personalization options, our email marketing services also include advanced scheduling and optimization features that lead to higher deliverability. We also offer brand analytics capabilities that allow you to track your email campaigns in real time.

Emails Can Be Very Effective

Consumers still redeem email offers, and often it’s because email is available on most mobile devices. The reason email is still around is also because it is evergreen. Everyone has an email account, but social media sites spring up and fall. That’s why the careful use of your email list is so important, as an opted-out customer isn’t just one missed purchase, it can be dozens.

"Clean" Lists Offer Better Conversion

Don’t cut corners! Sending the same message to all of your subscribers is not effective. In fact, readers interpret these messages as spam and may choose to unsubscribe from content they don’t believe is relevant to their needs and interests. The best way to ensure that you are delivering the right email message to the right reader is to segment your lists. This lets you send targeted messages based on contacts’ purchasing history and identified interests.


Developing a clean marketing list also means getting rid of inaccurate or invalid email addresses. Some of the email addresses on your list could very well be inactive. If you want your email marketing campaigns to remain deliverable, you need to successfully manage your email list and refresh it from time to time. This will save you money and help compensate for natural list attrition.

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