4 Steps to a Successful Voice Broadcast


Why Toll-Free?

In past decades, brands depended on print and broadcast marketing to make personal connections in a limited field of fellow advertisers. Today’s digital marketplace, however, is incredibly crowded. With people consuming more and more digital content, getting your message to stand-out is a challenge for marketers. Email inboxes are consistently bursting at the seams. And consumers are constantly fielding promotions from digital advertisements online and onscreen.


Rising above the clutter and noise is no easy task. Many marketers are going back to basics, and looking for ways to make their marketing feel more personal . Voice broadcast technology lets you record a single voice message and then send it to your database of contacts that have opted in to receive your mass communications. In today’s digital age, the power of the human voice in a simple phone call can feel all the more personal. We give you four simple tips for using voice broadcasts for maximum impact.

Best PRactices

Create a Script. Remember that you only have 30 seconds in which to grab your audience’s – attention. You need to state your message clearly and concisely. So, be sure to write out what you want to say in advance and then practice, practice, practice.


State Your Intentions Up-Front. The first sentence of your script should be attention grabbing and let them know why you are calling. You’ll want to include a compelling and timely call to action with your message. For example, let’s say you are a local restaurant. You can send out a voice broadcast message like, “Treat your Sweetheart to a Chocolate Lover’s Gourmet Experience this Valentine’s Day,” letting people know to stop by and take advantage of your special Valentine’s Day menu.


Be Friendly and Personable. Whether you need to draw on your high school drama class or envision what it would be like to be Natalie Portman, don’t just read from the script. You can keep the tone of your message fun and professional at the same time.


Reinforce Your Other Multi-Channel Marketing Tactics. Take advantage of the benefits of cross-channel promotions. Use voice broadcast campaign to follow-up and remind contacts to check their emails for announcements, sales, events, or contests on your website.

The Omni-Channel Advantage

Voice broadcasts help you get the word out about your brand in a much more personal way than any other channel. This makes them the perfect complement to your SMS marketing or email campaigns. Since the people that you’ll be sending your recorded voice message to have already given you permission to call them, they’ll be open and receptive to your offer – and especially ready to listen.


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