Using Text Alerts to Promote Company Safety


Safety & Preparedness

More and more businesses are incorporating SMS texting into their workplace and public safety protocols, and in disaster planning. Now more than ever, instant communication between stakeholders is mission critical. SMS texting is one of the fastest ways to communicate time-sensitive information. Incorporating text messaging into your communications platforms can help ensure the safety of employees and customers, while preventing misinformation or panic. 

Why SMS?

These days, cell phones are nearly ubiquitous. Most Americans check their phones frequently – far more frequently than they might check their company email or announcement board. Sending critical information via SMS ensures that it gets seen in a timely manner. Attaching links to documents, forms, and websites, shortens the distance between your audience and the information they need. The multimedia capabilities of most smartphones allow businesses to include images or short instructional videos via MMS, turning text messages into training tools.


Beyond workplace safety, our text texting software is remarkably easy to use even for people in tense or emergency situations. When people are already anxious or stressed, you don’t want time-consuming programs or unnecessary steps in your emergency procedure. Advanced features like the ability to send text alerts to large distribution lists from authorized phones can help companies rapidly communicate information from the field. Additionally, our template and automation features let companies pre-program distribution groups and answer prompts to take the burden off personnel in an emergency. 

How to Get Started

Make Leadership Clear: When creating your emergency communication protocols, be sure to set up a clear chain of command or escalation path. Create a clear understanding of who is in charge of sending updated information, and ensure that person or team authenticates their cell phone number(s) on the iZigg platform. This will allow them to alert thousands of subscribers instantly from their cell phones using preset distribution lists.

Create Distribution Groups: This is helpful for organizing departments, customers, and members of the public. Distribution groups help users direct relevant information to those who most need it in an emergency. Distribution groups assigned to keywords, such as “Outage” or “Spill,” allow iZigg users to send situation updates to those who reported the issue. Using data capture and smart filters, Operations or HR can send messages to only those users assigned to certain warehouse sectors, or only those employees directly impacted by an emergency. 

Program Automated Templates: The most difficult hurdle for companies to clear during workplace or public-facing emergencies is clear, consistent messaging. iZigg recommends using automation tools and keyword responders to ensure clear, accurate information goes out. Instruct subscribers or the public to text a keyword to your long code to get automated updates, and pre-program template responses for common questions (“What clinic should I go to if injured?” or “Where can I get sandbags?”)

Have Code Words: If there is a police lockdown or shelter-in-place order in effect, it is important to ensure personnel use words and phrases that do not give away information to intruders. Creating code words for actions, safe lockdown areas, and escape routes can help secure the safety of your campus or corporate offices in an emergency. 

Practice, Practice, Practice: After you set up all of these things, it is important to create rhythms of practice. People are creatures of habit; we learn best when things are repeatedly reviewed or practiced. Ensure you review your protocols, templates, keywords, and distribution lists with personnel quarterly or as needed, so that no one is left wondering what to do in an emergency.

Sample Scenarios to Consider

Not sure where to begin? Here are some scenarios you can use our iZigg texting software for safety purposes:


  • COVID screening
  • Notifying teams of any danger
  • Sending information about security risks
  • Updating family members
  • Real time alerts
  • Weather reports
  • Power or service outages
  • HR updates
  • Emergency safety measures
  • Lockdown and evacuation instructions
  • Road and facility closures


The thirty seconds it takes to send a text message can mean the difference between public safety and a public relations disaster – or worse. Start using iZigg Mobile texting today, strengthening your company’s emergency or disaster recovery communications. Contact us for more information or a demo of our services.


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