Toll-Free Texting is the Future for SMS Marketers


Why Toll-Free?

For years, shared short codes have been considered the easiest, most affordable way for brands to promote their text marketing and reminder services. However, shared short codes are rife with frustrations. They cost money to provision and migrate. Keyword options can be limited for short codes shared by many customers. And, worst of all, carriers may block or suspend shared short codes associated with non-compliant or spamming activity; an action that scuttles marketing efforts by innocent, compliant users. By contrast, dedicated toll-free numbers cost nothing to provision and have all the benefits of a dedicated number with no additional costs.

iZigg Users: Choosing a Toll-Free Long Code

  • Sign in to your account 
  • Once signed in, hover over “Account” and click “Account Settings”
  • Scroll down and click on “Long Code Setup”
  • Click the “Provision” button
  • Optional: Enter up to 4 digits you would like in your number and click “Search”
  • Select the Toll-Free number you would like to use
  • Click “Provision”

Provisioning your new toll-free long code should only take one to two minutes.  Once it’s done, just go to the “User Information” section and select “Edit Info and Password.” You will be able to swap out your code using the “Change” button.


Can I send messages to Canada using toll-free numbers?

Yes. Please note that SMS & MMS messages sent to Canadian phone numbers cost additional message credits due to carrier surcharges.


Can toll-free numbers be shut down like shared short codes?

As long your messaging is compliant with carrier regulations and anti-spam guidelines, your dedicated toll-free number should not be shut down by the carriers.


Have all text message carriers ended support for shared short codes?

Yes. Carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T are slowly shutting down shared short codes. That means that text service providers like iZigg will no longer be able to provision and support shared short codes for our customers.


Will I be able to run Text-to-Win Campaigns with my toll-free number?

Dedicated toll-free numbers are reserved for a single user. Just like dedicated short codes, customers will be able to run text-to-win contests.


Are alcohol & firearms advertising still restricted on toll-free numbers?

Yes. Messaging content is controlled by the TCPA and CTIA on any code, and does not depend on the number you are using.


Can we use multiple keywords with a toll-free number?

Yes! All of the functions and features that were available on shared short codes work with toll-free numbers. Additionally, a dedicated toll-free number gives you more choice, since there is no competition for popular keywords.


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