SMS Text Messaging and Client Drop Off Rates


Improve Engagement & Retention

iZigg wants to help you improve client retention through engaging content your subscribers will love. If you are having a difficult time retaining clients and subscribers, you are not alone. One of the greatest frustrations in mobile marketing is when customers fail to engage, or even unsubscribe from your messaging campaigns altogether. iZigg has compiled a list of best practices for SMS marketing that will maximize customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to improved retention rates.

Get Permission

Make sure you secure opt-ins from your clients and subscribers. While it may be tempting to purchase a list and send out mass text messages to phone numbers to gather new leads, it is actually a dangerous practice that can result in hefty fines and account shutdowns. Not only that, but it is a certain way to tank your brand’s credibility. No one appreciates unsolicited SPAM. 


iZigg offers many ways to easily collect opt-ins from customers online and at retail stores and live events. We offer the flexibility of dedicated short codes or long codes, where new contacts can text a keyword to instantly subscribe to your upcoming messages. You can advertise your keywords via print and mass media, or post online signup pages and QR codes that allow customers to opt-in.


Sending too many messages and at the wrong time is a sure fire way to lose clients and subscribers. These are some times to avoid: early mornings, commute times, late night, and work hours. You want to make sure that you are sending content during hours where they are most likely to be on their phone, which will require research. Frequency matters too. 

Be Mindful of Content

It is important that you send messages with value to your subscribers. Your marketing team should periodically review your campaigns to ensure your messages are both relevant and impactful. You only have a limited number of characters per message – and a limited number of messages before your subscribers feel overwhelmed or lose interest. In short, it isn’t enough to grab your subscribers’ attention at opt-in; you have to give them a reason to stay subscribed. 


Luckily, iZigg’s powerful Targeting feature helps send only relevant and important messages to the right people. First, our system captures data by presenting questions to your client and their responses are automatically captured for later use. This data creates the criteria for message responses/actions, and iZigg’s Automation feature creates Auto Campaigns that separate your subscribers into these subgroups based on actions that they have taken. Your marketing campaign can be set on autopilot, giving you time to answer important messages one on one. 


Take advantage of all of the features iZigg has to offer. For example, the ability to send MMS is a helpful tool in making your messages more creative and fun. Pictures and videos help vary up your marketing campaigns. You can incorporate images and QR codes of coupons, surveys, discounts, loyalty programs, and more! 


Here are some other use cases: 


  • Tracking Updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Order Confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Calendar Events

Customer Relationships

Finally, you want customers and clients to know that you care about them. Companies that go the extra mile will reap the benefits, with subscribers who stay engaged with you and your brand. SMS is the best choice for lifecycle engagement; it is fast, immediate, and can improve customer satisfaction by offering a way to instantly answer questions, resolve problems, and gather feedback.


Follow the practices above to improve client engagement and satisfaction rates soar! And check out our other blogs for more advice on specific industries and use cases.


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