How to Get Clients to Leave Reviews with SMS Texting


The Power of Referral Marketing

In today’s modern technological world, where all information is accessible on people’s cell phones, reviews are one of the most powerful tools a company has at their disposal in order to maximize revenue and exposure. However, for a company that has just started or struggled to get good reviews, collecting a pool of positive reviews may present a challenge. Through SMS texting, and the direct one to one communication it provides, asking for a review is made easy. Follow these steps in order to get started:

Sorting Your Clients

The first crucial step when asking clients to leave reviews is to sort your pool of subscribers into different distribution groups by certain criteria. A distribution group allows companies to send messages to only relevant people. Rather than sending a message to every single person subscribed to your company’s SMS texting, you can instead choose to message a certain distribution group. We recommend sorting them into criteria such as long term clients, new clients, and even around interests. These criteria will help you narrow down your campaign strategies and change the way you market to each group.

Generally, long term clients are even more likely to give positive reviews because they have been with your company for a while. Here is one way you can message them:

Hello [Insert Name]! We noticed that you have been subscribed to our SMS texting list for a long time. We are so grateful for your loyalty and dedication. We would be honored if you would like to leave a review of our company!

Providing Follow-Up

After a customer just completed an action like purchasing a product or using your service, companies need to make sure that they are capitalizing immediately on that moment. There is a slim window of opportunity where customers will be willing to engage with you, especially if they enjoyed what your company had to offer. Simply send a message to your subscribers in order to ask them what they thought about you and your company. This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate personalized messages to make people feel even more cared for. Check out this example prompt:


Hello [Insert Name]! Thank you so much for purchasing our latest release [Insert Item]. We were wondering, what did you think?

Gauging Response

Depending on their answer to the question you just asked, decide whether or not you want them to leave a dedicated review. If they appear to be excited and extremely pleased with you and your company, be sure send them a link to your review pages. But if they’re unsatisfied, connect them with a rep so they can air out their grievances without putting you on blast on Yelp or Google.


Thank you so much for your kind words! Would you like to leave a review through this link: [Insert Link]? We would love for people to know how our company can serve them too!

Offering Incentives

Finally, if all of the steps above were not enough and people are still not leaving reviews, make sure to provide incentives to do so! Sometimes, people need the extra push in order to complete a certain task. One way you can do so is to provide a raffle or sweepstakes which will raise the excitement and interest in leaving a review. Here is one way you can do this:


Leave a review here [Insert Link] in order to enter yourself into a free $100 coupon giveaway. One review will be one entry. Winners will be announced later. 


Follow the practices above to improve client engagement and satisfaction rates soar! And check out our other blogs for more advice on specific industries and use cases.


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