Cards? Games of Chance? Bingo? Use Compliant Non-Gambling Messaging


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Text messaging is both powerful and easily abused. That’s why the government and wireless carriers have regulations and trade organizations like the TCPA and CTIA that provide guidance for text and mobile marketers. These help you understand who you can send messages to, when, and what the content can be. Unlike many of our competitors, iZigg Mobile takes compliance very seriously, to ensure our clients’ long codes and short codes do not get restricted and avoid service interruptions. Our team is standing by to help you craft compliant messages and campaigns.

Gambling and Gaming Restrictions

In order to ensure your account does not get locked down by carrier restrictions, iZigg prohibits keywords and messages that include TCPS-restricted content:


– Hate Speech and Slurs
– Gambling and Bingo terms
– Firearms, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
– Violent or Adult Content


Many non-profit, charity, and religious organizations are surprised when they find that words associated with fundraising games and activities are prohibited, such as Bingo, Raffle, or Jackpot. Carriers in the US deliver tens of millions of messages a day, and find it easier to ban all gaming and chance-related terms in order to protect underage cell phone users and reduce SPAM.

But We're Not a Casino!

If your organization regularly sends messages related to gambling, giveaways, prizes, and games of chance, let the iZigg team know! We can help you get approval for certain types of messages through the carriers so that your account does not get blocked by SPAM filters.


Here are some examples of banned vs. compliant messages you can send via iZigg:

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Follow the practices above to ensure your messages are delivered and keep your account secure! And check out our other blogs for more advice on specific industries and use cases.


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