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How Brands Use SMS to Promote Virtual Events

COVID-19 has caused a seismic shift in the way people meet and collaborate. While some businesses initially lost momentum, many innovated and flexed, shifting from in-person business models to remote and virtual meetings. The new, global push for virtual meetings and streamed events allows even the smallest business to market to enormous online audiences

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Using Text Alerts to Promote Company Safety

More and more businesses are incorporating SMS texting into their workplace and public safety protocols, and in disaster planning. Now more than ever, instant communication between stakeholders is mission critical. SMS texting is one of the fastest ways to communicate time-sensitive information. Incorporating text messaging into your communications platforms can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers, while preventing misinformation and panic.

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Getting Started Guide to SMS (Infographic)​

Launch your SMS marketing campaign with iZigg Mobile! This quick, visual guide will answer some of your common questions and provide information on how marketers in many verticals grow their contact list and stay engaged with customers.

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SMS Use Cases for Retailers During a Pandemic

Retailers are rethinking their operations and marketing in response to the global pandemic. Text messaging is the most effective way to reach new customers, and has become the preferred contact method for many consumers. SMS messages are easy cost-effective, and nearly instant.

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Non-Profit Communication During a Pandemic

iZigg Mobile’s innovative messaging and contact solutions help non-profit organizations. Keep volunteers, vendors, and partner organizations updated on available opportunities and operations needs. SMS and MMS messaging can help orgs meet their mission goals with donation drives and volunteer coordination.

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Use Cases for Restaurants During a Pandemic

iZigg is helping restaurants and caterers weather the pandemic with messaging solutions that keep customers and contacts in the loop. iZigg’s messaging solutions help connect delivery drivers with customers, and help restaurants take orders in coordination with their existing order system.

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