10 Creative and Effective Text Messaging Campaigns


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There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a text message from a company that feels like it is repetitive and worn out. On the other hand, companies that go the extra mile in order to generate fun and engaging content are often rewarded with more leads and engagement. Here are 10 creative and effective text messaging campaigns that actually work. 

10 Campaigns That Really Work

Lean into Social Media. If your company is not on social media, it’s not too late to start. Social media algorithms ensure your content goes to people who are most likely to engage. Your company can even leverage these platforms by integrating SMS texting with social media. Simply post your mobile keyword in a picture or video, creating an easy call to action and a quick way to gain more subscribers. 

Create Games and Contests. Why do games work, even in a professional setting? It’s because people respond to incentives that inspire action. You can send out a text message that connects subscribers to a game and send out a corresponding message like: “Answer a trivia question to get a free 15% off coupon with your next purchase!” Marketing strategies that incorporate games make people feel like they have earned their reward, ensuring that they are also more likely to go and redeem their prize. 

Daily Exclusive Deals. Everyone loves a good deal. With Multi Media Messaging (also known as MMS) can deliver a graphic coupon to your customers, or accompany a simple register coupon code with eye-catching pictures, videos, and QR codes. 

Personalized Reminders. While persistent reminders may be repetitive and annoying to receive, iZigg can help keep messaging fresh with Smart Targeting and Auto Campaigns. We can help you take data captured through your subscribers’ responses and lead them through different drip campaigns. This means that your subscribers will only receive relevant messages that are helpful to them. 

Text an Expert. Customers and subscribers need to know that you and your company care about them. By offering live conversations with experts, customers can ask questions and troubleshoot problems they may have with your product. For example, a food distribution company can answer questions a customer may have about a specific recipe they ordered. And with Landline Texting, you can even use your business’s existing phone number to let customers text their questions.  

Text To Learn More. Text to learn is a powerful feature that companies can use to keep subscribers engaged and build brand loyalty and confidence. Send subscribers and customers random facts about your product or industry that will get them more interested in your product.

Ask for Feedback. Feedback helps customers feel seen, and contributes to brand loyalty. You can also use feedback as a way to capture data for Smart Targeting. Use iZigg to send out surveys to see what is working and what is not. Utilizing the captured data, users can target specific clients and customers for upcoming campaigns!

Supporting Other Channels of Communication. One of iZigg’s greatest advantages is our support for omni-channel marketing. This means that you can utilize our platform and software through multiple mediums including text, email, and voice messaging. If you sent an important email that requires a lot more character count and content, you can ensure that people are responding by sending reminders to complete it via text. 

Loyalty Rewards Programs. People love feeling like their purchases and actions are building towards something better – additive, instead of substractive. You can utilize SMS texting to remind your subscribers (or donors, for nonprofits) as they approach a rewards goal or help you meet an objective. This could include a point system that rewards purchasing behaviors, a dollar goal, or any other rewards or goal-based incentives that encourage engagement and purchases.

Effective Scheduling. Finally, if you are a professional company that requires heavy amounts of paperwork and documents, SMS texting can help you move paperwork into the pipeline before important appointments. You can send customers links to important documents that need to be filled out before your appointment, or online disclosures before meetings.

Follow these steps and check out other blogs so that you can get started on your next SMS Marketing campaign today!


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