Texting During the Pandemic for Retailers


Why Use Text Marketing?

Declining retail sales have retailers rethinking their marketing and customer outreach strategies. Text messaging is the most effective way to reach new customers, and has become the preferred contact method for many consumers. SMS and MMS messages are easy cost-effective, and nearly instant. It is easy to build your text and email marketing lists at point-of-sale and on your website, with mobile keywords and online sign-up pages.

TArgeted Marketing

79% of customers approve of brands engaging them personally. They want their favorite stores, brands, and restaurants to alert them to new products or specials, and consider it a personal services. With intelligent marketing platforms like iZigg, retailers can ask customers qualifying questions that help filter lists for targeted news and offers. Our opt-in auto-responders let you gather customer contact information, messaging preferences, and answers to simple questions like birthday or favorite products. Their answers are recorded with Data Capture so you can target customers interested in specific products with reminders and coupons, encouraging them to return to your store.

Two-Way Customer Support

iZigg offers landline, two-way texting that lets customers call OR text your main support number with questions or concerns. Nearly wo-thirds of consumers indicate they would prefer to text versus calling a support phone number or sending an email. No hold music, no phone tag, and they would prefer to text over call. No one wants to risk playing phone tag, waiting on hold, or emails that end up in dead inboxes or spam folders. Two-way texting also allows your customer support center staff to handle multiple requests at the same time, making them more efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.

Staff Communication

Create staff contact lists for announcements, emergency communication, and shift management. iZigg’s “Send from Phone” option allows employers and managers to text all of their workforce at once with urgent messages – road and facility closures, safety and mask alerts, shift assignments, and department updates. There’s no faster way to fill a missed shift than texting all of your employees with a request to cover a cancellation. You can also use text messaging to ensure employees do not miss important announcements or safety updates published on their days off. 

SMS Surveys

SMS surveys let retailers gather information on their customers’ needs and shopping preferences in just minutes. Short surveys are more likely to be completed, though longer surveys work if they are incentivized! Consider creating and sending a discount code for customers who go the extra mile to finish longer surveys. These surveys and accompanying incentives make customers feel appreciated and help boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Coupons & MMS Marketing

Without regular foot traffic, it can be challenging to keep customers in the loop about sales, specials, and new products and services. One effective way to alert your customers to changes in hours or new products and sales is through multimedia messaging (MMS). MMS lets you send clients coupons and images. Invite customers to to come in any time and show the MMS message during checkout for in-store rewards and discounts.


Retailers or restaurants with large contact lists can segment their contacts to send targeted SMS and MMS messages. Send out a brief questionnaire with the promise of birthday discounts, and then group customers according to their answers: product preferences, age, zip code, etc.. When you send targeted offers that apply to customer’s lives, you increase the chances they will visit you online or in-person.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Pairing email with text marketing is even more effective. 87% of retailers state that omni-channel marketing improves their reach and results. Those who use both email and text marketing report 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to those who use email marketing or text marketing alone. When done correctly, text paired with email marketing helps retailers engage with customers more effectively throughout the year, regardless of changing hours, closures, and rapidl-changing public safety orders.


Knowing When to Use SMS vs MMS​

There are so many differences between SMS and MMS, especially when you are using iZigg Mobile messaging. Learn about their unique differences and advantages through this article!

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