Text Marketing Do's and Don'ts

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Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can negatively impact your conversions and customers’ experience. And because SMS marketing is tightly regulated, it can also put your brand at risk of account suspension and legal action. Learn the basic do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing to improve your campaign ROI and protect your brand.

SMS Do's

Text marketing is opt-in by design. Be sure to get written or electronic consent from your recipients before sending text messages.

Always provide proper, legally required disclosures on advertisements.

iZigg requires customers to document consent. Keep records of opt-in methods in case a wireless carrier requests an audit.

Include your company's name in your messages to boost conversion.

Be aware of the time of day that you send/schedule messages to go out. Be mindful of customers' time to prevent opt-outs.

Use double opt-in to automatically send a confirmation to new subscribers.

To reduce churn, ensure your customers are fully informed about the content and frequency of messaging when they opt-in.

SMS Don'ts

iZigg prohibits the use of "purchased" lists unless proof of consent is verified.

Don’t assume customers consent to be messaged. For example, even if a customer consents to messaging for a contest, they must specifically consent to marketing messages before you send them promotions unrelated to the contest.

Don’t send promotional messages to subscribers who did not consent to them.

Carriers restrict messages to non-subscribers. Don’t send messages without consent, including messages asking contacts to opt-in.

Don’t send TCPS-restricted content including:
- Hate Speech
- Gambling and Bingo
- Firearms
- Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
- Threats of Violence
- Adult Content

Questions About Compliance?

Confused about text marketing? Have questions about your SMS marketing campaign? iZigg is here to help! Keep reading our blog to learn more about mobile marketing or contact us to speak with an iZigg SMS text expert.

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