iZigg Texting Services - Onboarding Consultation

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Professional ONboarding

iZigg is a continuously innovating company, always striving to provide our users with the most technologically advanced software and service possible. One of the ways we do this is through professional client onboarding services. Our support team has perfected the process of onboarding and campaign creation, to help clients maximize results.

Strategy & Implementation

Self-guided onboarding isn’t for everyone, especially when time and human resources are limited. The iZigg team can walk you through all of our features, to get the best ROI right out of the box. Our onboarding consultations focus on strategy and implementation. In strategy sessions, our support team will help you outline the specific results you are looking for, then help you strategize which tools will work best to achieve those goals. 

This strategy session often includes:

  • Communication strategy brainstorming
  • Auto-Campaign consulting
  • Insight on what has worked for other users
  • Compliance regulation guidance
  • Keyword creation do’s & don’ts

After our consultants help you strategize how our system can help your organization, we help you set up your campaigns and walk you through using our system. 

Ready to Get Started?

Our support team is ready to help you with messaging campaign creation including a walkthrough of our Auto-Campaigns feature. As always, if you have any questions about your campaigns and our iZigg Mobile platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing support staff. We’re here to help!


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