iZigg Training: Remove Failed Contacts

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Training Video: REmove Failed Contacts

When a message is sent, the carriers will give us a response code to indicate whether it was successfully delivered to the device or failed. A failure response may include information about the reason; perhaps the device does not accept SMS/MMS from our system due to limitations from their carrier plan, the message was sent outside TCPA time restrictions, or the phone was out of service or out of area. 


iZigg recommends periodically scrubbing your contact list by removing contacts that have failed three or more times in a row. This will reduce the number of credits you utilize for each sent message improving ROI and saving you money. It also provides more accurate reporting and visibility, allowing you to more easily see trends in message delivery and response. 

To view and remove failed contacts from your iZigg Mobile Account:

  • Sign into your iZigg Mobile account
  • Hover over the Manage tab in the main menu
  • Click on the Utilities option, then Failed Message Cleanup
  • Select the option to “Remove By Failed Count”
  • In the popup window, filter by the number of failed messages (2, 3, etc)
  • The system will display contacts meeting those criteria
  • Click to Delete those contacts, and Confirm

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