How SMS Messaging Has Changed Consumer Behavior During the Pandemic


E-Commerce and Online Shopping Growth

Consumer behavior is always evolving. And it has never changed more rapidly during times of economic strain, such as during the lobal COVID pandemic. The increase in online shopping, more demand for omni-channel marketing, and shifts in consumer lifestyles and shopping habits have resulted in growth across the online shopping sector.


Staying indoors has naturally increased the need for online shopping, and the consumer industry have seen rapid changes in behavior. These changes would have taken years to see if not for COVID.  In 2020, there was a significant acceleration both from a consumer and a business standpoint–a demand met by omni-channel marketing, which includes SMS marketing.

About SMS Messages

Contactless consumers demand contactless communication in addition to flyers and marketing in shipping packages. As a result, both SMS and email marketing have increased sharply in the past two years. Here are just a few of the ways text messages are being used:


  • Delivery updates and tracking
  • Promotions and sale notifications
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Client and employee scheduling
  • Customer and recipient data 
  • Feedback and review requests
  • Critical and Safety Alerts

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