Engaging New and Existing Customers with Texting


The Power of Engagement

Sometimes, marketing strategies can feel stale, especially when companies and businesses approach their marketing efforts without a clear plan. They may settle for repetitive marketing strategies, like sending out cold emails and posts in order to appear active. Even when businesses capitalize on a lead, stale or out-of-date messaging can hamper conversion. 


iZigg’s goal is to see your business succeed. Rather than wasting time and effort in menial, repetitive tasks, brands can use our SMS texting technology to increase the number of leads they receive and keep existing customers engaged. We recommend the following tips for marketing teams interested in using SMS texting to improve engagement and lead generation. 

Finding New Leads

Here are some key concepts to keep in mind as you market to new audiences:


Target, Target, Target. Know your audience. Know what they want. Know your product. These are the basics to any effective marketing campaign. Yet many brands waste time and marketing dollars advertising to audiences unlikely to convert. Consider – advertising winter jackets in Los Angeles will likely generate less sales than selling the same jackets in Rochester, New York. 


Data Capture. In order to target your campaigns, you must collect meaningful information about prospects and customers. This can be done through text messaging! Use opt-in responses to gather information about your leads, including location, age, and product experience.


Smart Targeting. Use the data you collect to send relevant messages and promotions to people who would be most interested in your offers. Don’t be afraid to be granular – coordinate your messaging campaigns with local tax holidays in the areas where contacts live, send birthday reminders, or send MMS messages with images of products featuring your contact’s favorite color, flavor, or fragrance!


Automate. Finally, let iZigg do the work to keep your marketing campaigns going. Many companies find the idea of manually sending out each text message daunting. iZigg’s powerful automation features let you analyze data on an ongoing basis, responding to new leads and moving them down a pipeline towards conversion. Our software interacts with subscribers for you, branching down custom messaging paths depending on the data you collect and how customers respond to your messages.

Existing Customers

In a crowded marketplace, it can be challenging to compete for new customers with other brands or organizations. Your most reliable source of ongoing revenue and future growth is your current list of customers and subscribers. You can use iZigg messaging to keep customers engaged and build momentum towards future purchases and upgrades.

Personalization. Let customers know that you value them. Use mail merge tags to include customers’ names or individual information, like hometown or birthday, to personalize your texts. 

Feedback. Engage with your customers and subscribers to gather unfiltered, honest feedback. With iZigg, you can use polls, Q&A, text-to-win sweepstakes, and two-way inbox messaging to gather reviews and instant feedback from your customers.  

Customer Service. Supplement automated messages by responding to any problems and frustrations by customers in real time. There is nothing more frustrating to customers than poor customer support and long hold times. Streamline your support with message templates that allow instant, automated answers to common questions. Two-way messaging, too, allows customers to skip the phone and text to ask questions or schedule service appointments. Excellent customer support is the best way to turn a first-time customer into a loyal fan.

MMS Tutorials. Does your product require assembly? Is there a learning curve to your service? iZigg’s multimedia messaging lets your customer care team send videos, images, and globalized instructions to your customers. MMS messages may incur additional data charges for some customers, so use this feature where it will have the greatest impact.


Use these tips and tricks to generate leads and engagement today! Contact us for a free consultation with an iZigg expert to review your messaging strategy.


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