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MMS Messaging Media Template

MMS messages help to improve ROI and conversions. Compared to SMS, MMS increases mobile engagement up to 300%. Use the included template to create MMS images optimized for quality and size on modern mobile devices.

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iZigg URL Shortener – What You Need to Know

Short links are an easy way to send and track links via SMS, but they can lead to poor results. Public URL shorteners may redirect multiple times, and may cause messages to get blocked by carriers or aggregators. Find out how iZigg ensures message success with our own, trusted URL shortener.

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Getting Started Guide to SMS (Infographic)​

Launch your SMS marketing campaign with iZigg Mobile! This quick, visual guide will answer some of your common questions and provide information on how marketers in many verticals grow their contact list and stay engaged with customers.

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7 SMS Marketing Hacks For Restaurants

One of the most powerful advantages to text communication is its instantaneous nature. The average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds! With SMS messaging, restaurant owners can quickly alert local customers to increase traffic to your franchise or dining locations.

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Understanding the TCPA & CTIA

Texting is a powerful communication channel, but one that can be abused. Government and wireless carriers regulate SMS & MMS marketing under the TCPA and CTIA. Find out what activities are covered under the TCPA and CTIA, and how to stay in compliance with regulations to avoid messaging interruptions.

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Texting During the Pandemic for Retailers

Declining retail sales have retailers rethinking their marketing and customer outreach strategies. Text messaging is the most effective way to reach new customers, and has become the preferred contact method for many consumers. SMS and MMS messages are easy cost-effective, and nearly instant.

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