4 Ways SMS Can Automate Your Workflow


You Need to Automate

Automation is a big buzzword nowadays, but it can be underutilized. Artificial Intelligence and automation give companies unlimited ways to engage their audience. Sending an email when a new customer signs up is effective, but iZigg lets you do so much more. Our system helps you collect actionable data that turns into sales, leading to increased revenue and brand loyalty. 


Salesforce has found that 79% of customers are willing to share their information with retailers if it means they get more engagement. Even more powerfully, that number jumps to 88% if they receive personalized offers that are relevant to their interests. If 88% of your audience wants something, then you need to listen! Below are some of the most effective and powerful ways to automate your SMS workflows and improve your relationship with your customers.

Create Automated Replies

Automated replies (also called Auto-Replies) are text messages that are automatically sent to customers once they text in a keyword.  Create a message that gets sent to every person who texts different mobile keywords, each with their own unique responses. When a subscriber texts in your mobile keyword, your SMS automation system will send them your message. Send a simple thank you, a link to your store, or an invitation to an upcoming event.


You can even set up auto-responses with coupon codes and promo offers, so that contacts are more likely to visit your business location or make purchases online. But don’t end the engagement there! With iZigg’s tools, you can ask your new contact qualifying questions to help initiate future engagement via email or direct mail.

Create Integrated Solutions

iZigg lets you share data with your other applications to help you make the most of your data. Integrate your SMS marketing with your email back office communication and customer management tools to unlock the power of event-triggered responses. Your in-house development team can use our API to create custom integrations. But, if your business does not have the resources for in-house development, there is another, affordable integration option. Many CRM’s and web hosting platforms also support integrations! Applications like Salesforce allow easy integration with different applications and messaging channels into one easy-to-use interface that can carry out automation workflows for you.

Get More Customer Data

There are many communication services that allow you to send mass texts, but not all give their customers the tools to market both effectively and personally. And personalized text marketing can be very effective! A study by Salesforce showed that 84% of customers want to be “treated like a person, not a number.” The same study shows that 80% of consumers felt the “experience” a company provided was as important as its products.


How can you personalize mass texts? It’s not enough to collect numbers. You need to collect more information from customers in a way that is easy and convenient for them, and automatic and hands-free for you. If it’s too hands-on, your sales and marketing team will be swamped. If it’s too complicated for the customer, they’ll bail out of the process. But with iZigg, your contacts opt in using a mobile keyword or QR code, then are automatically sent a short survey of questions they can respond to in order to complete their profile. Even better, if you already have a database of customers who have opted in, you can upload their data fields into iZIgg!

Provide Better, Faster Service

Better customer service is key to social and word-of-mouth marketing, making it a top priority for companies trying to take their business to the next level. Customer service representatives can only help one person at a time when they are on the phone. But a text-enabled landline from iZigg lets service reps text back and forth with multiple customers at the same time, freeing up phone lines and reducing customer service wait times.


Automation is a key part of top-rated support workflows. According to Salesforce 69% of customers would rather use self-service to take care of a simple question. Catering to these customers will save businesses thousands of man hours as your service representatives won’t be stuck on long phone calls and your queue times will see a dramatic decrease. iZigg helps you automate customer service with automated replies, pre-scripted responses, and integration with your existing helpdesk or ticketing system. Contact us to learn how we can help you provide stellar service!


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