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Every business needs to communicate. iZigg omni-channel messaging can help.


Send quotes and payment reminders, or notify valued customers for maintenance and trade-in deals.
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Empower both teachers and students with assignment reminders, meeting invites, and event updates.
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Medical, dental, and mobile veterinary clinics send appointment reminders, care updates, and promote health fairs.
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Improve brand loyalty with coupons and event updates! Use email and text for increased retention and better foot traffic.
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Live Events

iZigg's advanced tools help event organizers boost engagement, increase sales revenue, and improve facility operations.
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Turn customers into raving fans by sharing exclusive promos with subscribers via text and email, and host polls, contests, and more!
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iZigg’s powerful targeting and automation tools help governments provide better service and manage employees.


Use text messaging to send live meeting reminders. Boost member engagement on critical issues with voting and polling.

Direct Sales

Organize virtual parties, motivate your team, and increase sales with text messaging.
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SMS allows churches to send announcements and communicate with their staff and pastors.
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Use text and email automation to communicate outages, service updates, and bill reminders to your customers.


98% of text messages are read within three minutes. Send critical schedule and production updates via text.
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Featured Use Cases

Human Resources

Organizations are tapping into the power of SMS software for hiring and employee communications. Save time with automated alerts for onboarding and enrollment deadlines. Engage employees more effectively with important HR announcements such as policy updates, key memos, and critical HR alerts more effective. Solicit employee feedback via SMS surveys, send birthday and work anniversary MMS messages, and share links to important policy updates.


Hotels, restaurants, caterers, and event venues depend on reliable, repeat and referral customers to build their businesses. Restaurants and hospitality brands use iZigg omni-channel communications to promote weekly discounts, deals, and promotions. Hotels can inform guests and subscribers of local attraction offers, open room blocks and seasonal low rates. And our onboard loyalty and coupon programs improve marketing ROI and drive repeat business.

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When money is on the line, quick and effective communication is paramount. Financial service companies rely on text messages to reach their customers. iZigg text messaging is compliant, immediate and reliable. Using text messaging to communicate with account holders ensures customers receive – and quickly act on – important alerts for low balances, late fees, or suspicious account activities.



Public health organizations use text to coordinate services and information between agencies, employees, and the public. iZigg integrations and mass texting automation can be used to efficiently manage mobile clinicians, send updated information to subscriber lists, and send appointment reminders and public health information to constituents.

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