Messaging Compliance

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Guide to TCPA Regulatory Compliance​

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, protects consumers from telephone SPAM – that is, unwanted phone calls and messages. iZigg helps you understand how the TCPA applies to your company’s communications to help keep your text message and voice blast marketing in compliance with the law.

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Understanding the TCPA & CTIA

Texting is a powerful communication channel, but one that can be abused. Government and wireless carriers regulate SMS & MMS marketing under the TCPA and CTIA. Find out what activities are covered under the TCPA and CTIA, and how to stay in compliance with regulations to avoid messaging interruptions.

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iZigg Texting Services – Compliance Consultation​

Text messaging is both powerful and easily abused. Unlike many of our competitors, iZigg Mobile takes compliance very seriously. Our team is standing by to help you craft compliant messages and campaigns. Contact us if you have questions about your upcoming marketing promotions!

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Toll-Free Texting is the Future for SMS Marketers

For iZigg customers, toll-free numbers have replaced short codes as the best way for brands to communicate with their subscribers. Toll-free numbers offer all the benefits of dedicated numbers, cost nothing to provision and migrate, and are not at risk of blocking and limiting like shared short codes.

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