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Cards? Games of Chance? Bingo? Use Compliant Non-Gambling Messaging

Many non-profit, charity, and religious organizations are surprised when they find that words associated with fundraising games and activities are prohibited, such as Bingo, Raffle, or Jackpot. Carriers in the US deliver tens of millions of messages a day, and find it easier to ban all gaming and chance-related terms in order to protect underage cell phone users and reduce SPAM.

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Tips to Avoid SPAM in Text Marketing

Want to streamline your messages and mobile marketing? Quality is truly better than quantity! No one wants to be bombarded with lengthy, frequent SPAM messages. Customers appreciate helpful, succinct texts that get the message across without interrupting their day. Follow these guidelines when writing your next mobile marketing message to increase customer engagement.

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Text Marketing Do’s and Don’ts​

Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can negatively impact your conversions and customers’ experience. And because SMS marketing is tightly regulated, it can also put your brand at risk of account suspension and legal action. Learn the basic do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing to improve your campaign ROI and protect your brand.

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iZigg URL Shortener – What You Need to Know

Short links are an easy way to send and track links via SMS, but they can lead to poor results. Public URL shorteners may redirect multiple times, and may cause messages to get blocked by carriers or aggregators. Find out how iZigg ensures message success with our own, trusted URL shortener.

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How to Report SPAM Text Messages

Like email, phone calls, and mass mailers before them, spammers have learned to take advantage of consumers’ phones to send SPAM messages. These messages aren’t just annoying, they are a privacy and security risk. Learn how to educate your customers about SPAM reporting methods.

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Common Texting Compliance Issues​

As businesses adopt text message marketing, they must learn to take full advantage of text’s reach without breaking compliance guidelines. Check out our article on the biggest compliance issues SMS marketers need to avoid.

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