Driving Mobile
Technology for
Digital Brands

Driving Mobile
Technology for
Digital Brands

We live in a mobile world. Use our API integrations to communicate with customers across the mobile messaging apps they already use and love! From texts to phone calls, Rich SMS to Instagram messaging, WhatsApp to AI chatbots, send messages to almost any device, worldwide. 

Drive higher engagement with personalized campaigns – on any mobile marketing channel. Higher engagement leads to more sales! Spark action with the right message at the right time.


Get better results for business and consumer-facing communications with omni-channel messaging. Boost efficiency, cut costs, and drive engagement. Our mobile messaging solutions can help you do all that and more.

Enterprise API Features


Cost-efficient, international bulk text messaging.

WhatsApp API

Engage with customers on one of the largest messaging platforms.

Voice, Video

High-quality video with super-clear voice capabilities.

Messenger API

Turn conversations into conversions on Instagram.


Two-way media-rich messaging that’s personalized.

Conversation API

A single interface for cross-channel mobile engagement.

Virtual Numbers

Short code, long code, and toll-free number solutions.

User Verification

Protect your business and your customers while improving UX.

Three Reasons to Choose iZigg

Omni-Channel Messaging

Integrate our Conversation API into any application to enable seamless customer communications across all channels.

Frictionless Verification

Our large operator network and innovative verification methods improve security and UX, while keeping your costs low.

Scaleable Solutions

We’re your connection to every mobile device in the world, with new communication channels added.

Want to see for yourself?  Try our pro APIs for free!

See what makes us the best choice for messaging!


Our Global Network

Get a direct connection to more than 600 local mobile network operators around the world, with intelligent message routing through our carrier-grade infrastructure. In English, that means we deliver your communications quickly, reliably, and with less exposure to security risks.

Better Pricing

Our massive network, direct operator connections, and innovative verification methods make it possible to operate more efficiently at scale, which means we can pass those savings on to you! Bottom line? You often get less bang for your buck with our competitors.

Unbeatable Support

We don’t expect you to figure everything out on your own. Our customers get 24/7 technical support and a dedicated, responsive technical account manager, so no matter what happens, your customers likely won’t experience any issues.

Our Clients

Driving mobile technology for leading brands.